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What is the T3 Stack?

The “T3 Stack” is a web development stack made by Theo focused on simplicity, modularity, and full-stack typesafety. It consists of:

  • NextJS
  • tRPC
  • Tailwind CSS
  • TypeScript
  • Prisma
  • NextAuth.js

What is this? Some kinda template?

Kind of. We love all of the technologies that create-t3-app includes. Check out for even more info on topics such as state management and deployment. But we do not believe these are needed on every project.

So we made create-t3-app to do one thing: Simplify complex boilerplate around the core T3 Stack tech without compromising the pieces modularity. This is NOT an all-inclusive template and we expect you to bring your own libraries as well.

We are selective about the packages we have included. We don’t add libraries that are as simple as npm install zustand: If you cut an issue asking us to add your preferred libraries, we will make fun of you.

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